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VEGA ELITE is the softest version in VEGA family. It is even softer and even more controllable than VEGA EUROPE. Soft TENSOR sponge of cream color is combined with "Hyper Elasto" top layer of natural rubber. This special combination provides very soft feel and superb balance. Its ease of use is exceptional. VEGA ELITE doesn't demand everyday training. Safe zone (window) above net for successful topspin attack is the biggest in VEGA family. So players can hardly mistake their attack with topspin. Also, its sound is very clear and loud. Players will be able to experience the pure pleasure of table tennis, thanks to its dynamic sound and great control. VEGA ELITE is especially recommended for European players who demand a rubber with softer feel than VEGA EUROPE.

Vega Elitè

€ 36,90 Regular Price
€ 31,00Sale Price
  • Features

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