How does WIM work?

WIM provides a natural drug-free and non-surgical pain relief solution. Using heat therapy on your body to improve blood circulation and relax the muscles which greatly relieves menstrual pains. WIM is powered by a rechargeable battery which can last up to one week.

Is WIM reusable?

Yes, WIM is reusable up-to 3 years, however you need to replace the stick gel pads which attach to your lower abdomen after 20-30 sessions.

Is WIM safe for my skin?

Our gel patches are made of medical-grade Silicone which is known to have no side effects on human skin.

Does WIM come in different sizes and colours ?

Our heating patch come in multiple colours and sizes. it is flexible, can bend and roll to fit your body shape. We recommend that you choose the patch that fits your body type. Our patches range from Small to XXL.

How can I purchase WIM?

WIM is currently under development and will be launching soon. Because of the high demand we suggest that you reserve your WIM today.


Is it possible to have the racket assembled when ordering?

The assembly of the racket with possible blade lacquering, rubber bonding and edge tape is free of charge. When ordering, indicate in the notes the rubber you want on the forehand side of the blade (the part with the lens) and the blackhand side.

How can I choose the correct combination of products to assemble the racket?

Do not hesitate to contact us by phone or on whatsapp at 333-3136086 for advice on what material to buy based on your level of playing and your playing characteristics.

How can I place an order?

You can place an order by registering on the site and proceeding with the order or you can also place an order by phone or on Whatsapp at 333-3136086 or by e-mail at: info@ttsaturn.com (In case of order by phone or e-mail remember to specify the correct address, your e-mail and a mobile phone number).

How can I choose the right size shoes or an item of clothing?

For shoes, check on a pair of table-tennis or tennis shoes ,that you have, the size in cm that is indicated on all the tabs of the shoe and check on the site description of each shoe for the size that corresponds to your shoe. For each item of clothing contact us and we will give you details based on your height and weight on the size that best suits you.

Is it possible to order an item that is not on the site?

contact us and we will do our best to fulfill your requests.

Is it possible to return goods that I don't like anymore?

Within 14 days from the arrival of the goods, it is possible to return the goods by phone and exchange them for other goods or get a refund. Obviously all shipping costs are charged to the buyer