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Our new table-tennis rubber „Gigant“ is a totally new kind of „Anti“ rubber. Gigant is very slow and very power absorbing, but it is not frictionless and also not similar to classical Antis with friction. That also means it is completely different from our first Anti „Sandwind“.
Gigant has been specially developed for the new plastic balls as many players feel that frictionless and classical Antis are not dangerous enough with these balls.
The top-sheet of Gigant is very hard. The surface of the rubber is not sanded like classical Antis and not treated like frictionless Antis, it is glossy (slightly shiny) like normal inverted rubbers. Actually it even has a little bit of grip, although not very much due to the special rubber compound.
The sponge of Gigant is a soft dampening sponge of the newest generation. It reduces the speed of the rubber to a level that can be compared to that of frictionless Antis.
But unlike these rubbers Gigant can be used both for blocking at the table and for classical defense away from the table.
Gigant is completely insensitive to incoming spin, but own strokes with this rubber can be played with or without spin. With Gigant all kinds of undercut and block balls can be played easily, the ball trajectory will always be very flat and short. Undercut balls even have enough spin to make it very hard for the opponent to attack with a topspin.
With Gigant it is very effective to block topspins of the opponent directly at the table. Not only can the player make his game dangerous through a precise ball placement. Specially when blocking topspins of the opponent, the trajectory of the ball is very hard for the opponent to predict, making it almost impossible for him to continue to attack.
And unlike frictionless Antis, there are no special techniques needed to play all these strokes. Players who have played tacky inverted rubbers before can easily control Gigant after only a few hours of practice.
How is all this possible?
The secret of Gigant is that the inverted pimples of Gigant are very long and make the top-sheet a little bit elastic despite its hardness.
Of course there are also strokes that Gigant is not suitable for. Specially topspins are very difficult to play with this rubber, and it is also hard to smash the ball. This makes Gigant ideal for players who attack with their FH and defend with their BH. These players will find it very convenient that Gigant is still very slow even on fast blades.
Gigant can be played by players of all levels, not only by low-level players like common Antis with friction. Also the weight of the rubber is very low.


€29.90 Regular Price
€26.00Sale Price
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