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Light, comfortable and grippy!
The special soft rubber sole structure provides tremendous speed and traction in short and quick movements. The proven two-component phylon material in the middle and heel of the shoe sole provides comfort and relieves the joints; vibrations resulting from fast movements are absorbed through the "ENERGY CONVERTER" in the heel area of the sole and converts them into additional energy. The innovative "COMFORT ZONE" technology has been developed and used in the upper shoe construction. The wider fit of DYNAPOWER CZ offers optimal freedom of movement and the breathable microfibre components provide increased air intake and improve air circulation inside the shoe. The proven breathable and light "SOFT SKIN" microfibre material is used in the inner area of the shoe. The DYNAPOWER CZ promotes rapid and dynamic movements and offers optimum support and comfort.

Dynapower CZ Tibhar

€ 75,50 Prezzo regolare
€ 45,00Prezzo scontato
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