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Degu II combines the same top-sheet as the Degu (it is really absolute identical) with a slower and harder sponge "Made In Japan". This sponge has a very high quality and is very elastic, but it does not have any built-in speed-gluing effect. Actually the sponge of this rubber is the same sponge that is also used for our SpinLord Tiger.
Although the sponge is medium hard and not very hard you will be amazed how much harder the Degu II is compared to the Degu !

This sponge makes the Degu II ideal for chopping and blocking (in 1,0 mm) or for an allround playing style (in 1,5 / 1,8 mm). The short placement of blocked balls succeeds effortlessly, and undercut balls are very easy and effective to play. For these two kinds of strokes Degu II is even our best Short pimple-out rubber: The balls have a very flat ball bounce and can be placed very precise.
The control values of Degu II are altogether amazingly high.
Degu II is also more dangerous for the opponent then the Degu, but weaker in looping. Smashing the ball is also possible with the Degu II, but the power of this rubber is clearly much lower then of our other Short pimple-out rubbers.

We made Degu II mainly for players who previously played classical Short pimple-out rubbers with harder sponges from Chinese brands. Compared to these rubbers the Degu II offers a better quality, can be played more versatile and the control is noticeably higher, while the overall feeling is not completely different, so these players will find it to be very easy to change to Degu II.

Also Degu II is a good option for players who played inverted rubbers before and want to try a Short pimple-out rubber as an option to increase the control on their backhand side.

Degu II

€ 27,90 Regular Price
€ 24,00Sale Price
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