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YINHE (Milkyway) 955 is a protective long spike with a clutch, capable of powerful sawing when pruning on the tops.

First of all, it allows you to fully play in the classic defensive style, that is to cut the tops in the second and third zone. This provides both a very good reverse rotation, and the ability to vary the strength of the pruning, up to the return of flat balls on the top (however, it is necessary to be able).

It allows you to play different variations of classic blocks, both passive and aggressive. By hovering tops and other not fast balls, allows you to make aggressive insertion and even slaughter with a brush flick.

It's easy to punch with a pruning. Unlike many other long spikes, the 955 does not "float" when clicked or powerful, keeping a given direction.

The feeling of the ball is medium-hard, the speed is average (for long spikes).

In general, these spikes will fit a lot of styles of play, except the chop block.

955 Milky Way

€12.90 Regular Price
€10.00Sale Price
  • Features

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