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The 729-Higher was brought to the market by Friendship in the 2006-07 season and has since become one of the most popular rubbers developed by the long-standing Chinese manufacturer. The basis of this rubber is the Transcend Sponge, a sponge that is lighter and faster than common Chinese rubbers. The sponge stores the energy of the arriving ball and then transfers it to the ball. The 729 Higher is very spin-intensive yet fast. The sponge is hard and dynamic and, in combination with the soft, dynamic, sticky topsheet, leads to sufficient speed and outstanding spin.

Especially when it comes to serving and returning and when playing half-distance, the rubber's strengths come into play. Even without glue, the 729 Higher is pleasantly dynamic. We also offer the 729-Faster to players who are looking for a faster version of this rubber. The 729-faster is equiped with the same sponge, but has a harder topsheet.

729 Higher

€15.90 Regular Price
€13.00Sale Price
  • Features

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