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THE classic Chinese rubber! A hard, sticky surface with extremely high friction is combined with a very hard Chinese sponge (blue!). Players of various playing styles around the world appreciate and love the 729 FX.

This rubber is suitable for both topspin strokes and dangerous pushing with lots of spin. We offer this top-quality rubber in black with an extra hard, blue Chinese sponge. It is particularly well suited for the backhand and facilitates all strokes that require a lot of spin.

Furthermore, it allows for aggressive pushing and spin-intensive opening spins. This rubber is (as is typical of Chinese rubbers) relatively heavy and hard. Europeans are usually not accustomed to this playing experience and need a certain time to get used to it. However, once the adjustment period is over, players can feel the advantages of this classic rubber: Their strokes have a very dangerous effect and astonishingly high spin.

729 Super Fx

€12.90 Regular Price
€12.00Sale Price
  • Features

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