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Greetings everybody,

We are the SpinLab team and we would first and foremost want to thank all of our friends who bought our products, specifically our antitop VORTEX. All of our products are made in Italy with the only exception of the SCHOCK frame, which is made in Hungary. Given that we’ve been on the market for such a brief period of time, we very much value your constructive criticism and your various requests, as we proceed with our continuous growth. We also want to apologize for the lack of perfection as far as the aesthetics of our products, which is due to the fact that most of the production is hand made, which in turn makes it possible to personalize the products according to the client’s preferences.

We started with a high-end product line and we’re currently studying new products in our labs that match the needs and demands of our pong players.



Our top product would have to be the new antitop VORTEX rubber, specifically designed to work with the plastic ball and in ABS. The VORTEX is sold in the OX version, in the 1,2 mm version (with the red foam) and in the 2,3 mm version (with the red foam). We’ve decided to also include an OX version (without foam) because this particular alternative allows the client to use the Vortex with various different foams that can differ in softness, speed and thickness. This is precisely the reason behind our decision to avoid gluing together the topsheet and the foam with a super glue: by gluing them manually the client can personalize the product by choosing the preferred foam and the color of the VORTEX for the assembly. As a result every product can be custom made according to the client’s preferences, therefore whenever you decide to buy from us don’t hesitate to let us know any of your desires. In this respect, we sell our own “STRONG” glue especially made to glue the foam and the topsheet together, which you can do by following the tutorial we’ve created.


We want to preface this by saying that no foam is better or more efficient than the others, it all depends on the player’s preferences. Every foam has its properties and advantages: as an example, when the foam is thicker and softer it’s usually slower and allows for more control, therefore it’s perfect for the players that play defense or for those who only use the antitop for defense purposes. On the other hand when the foam is harder and less thick, it makes for more ball reversal and is more efficient in the attacking fase of the game as well as in the pushing. In the tutorial we’ve created you’ll be able to see every type of foam available so far (we’ll have new ones coming shortly) and therefore choose the foams that best complement your way of playing. In our antitop VORTEX’s presentation video, the player Amine Kalem is using a yellow foam which will be available very soon, but in the meantime he’ll be using the 2 mm beje foam.




Professional italian player

I’ve worked with the Spinlab Team in the production of this Vortex antispin and the Shock! frame. I’ve achieved massive results since I started using the Spinlab products both in international matches and in the A2 italian league. I can’t wait to use this material in the Tokio Olympics.

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