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KAMIKAZE is a revolutionary new development in the realm of long pimples and like all our products is designed for the new plastic ball.

Due to very long and wide pimples that also stand apart broadly from each other, KAMIKAZE produces a very flat ball trajectory and sinking effect on the opponents side of the table.

This new disruption rubber offers great control when blocking and counter hitting and is very insensitive to incoming spin.

When playing actively and also when playing classic defense away from the table, KAMIKAZE produces a „bouncing effect" which causes wobbly trajectories.

When attacking, the rubber creates a catapult effect that is unpredictable for the opponent and is strengthened by the fact that the rubber itself produces spin.

KAMIKAZE: Extreme disruptional catapult-wobble effect and sensational defensive play.


€41.90 Regular Price
€38.00Sale Price
  • Features

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