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Der-materialspezialist DIABOLIC: The new generation of frictionless disruptive rubbers is unleashed!
With der-materialspezialist DIABOLIC unites the extreme spin reversal of a slick anti with the disruptive effect of long pimples.
DIABOLIC creates blocks with extremely low and disruptive trajectory that are previously only known from long pimples.
A newly developed and world wide unique soft dampening sponge allows maximal speed absorption and thus unmatched control properties.
DIABOLIC: Devilish disruptive effects combined with perfect spinreversal!
The best spinreversal and the highest disruptive effect you will get with DIABOLIC 1,0 mm. 
The 1,6 mm version is the slowest.
Glue this rubber only with the MSP-DK4 adhesive foil as described in the attached mounting instruction.
Note on the use of plastic and ABS balls:
In addition to the perfect use with celluloid balls, all of our smooth ANTI TOP rubbers also produce maximum spin reversal and a very high disruptive effect with the new plastic and ABS balls.


€51.90 Regular Price
€47.00Sale Price
  • Features

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