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Very light shoe with optimum protection and maximum acceleration!

The split sole structure and the use of the proven two-component phylon material provide high flexibility in the front and heel. At the same time, the center of the sole is stabilized so that the force on the joints is minimized. The "ENERGY CONVERTER" in the heel area of the sole absorbs the vibrations caused by rapid movement and converts them into additional energy.

The new NovO2MAX nylon microfibre fabric increases the comfort and breathability of the BLIZZARD SPEED. The new MAXX TURN PROTECT is designed for maximum speed and provides exceptional protection. Strong, large, and x-shaped PU protectors enhance both inner and outer sides of the shoe. These features emphasize the exceptional design and make this shoe a highlight in the TIBHAR shoe range.
The new NovO2MAX nylon microfibre fabric is covered at the front with a strong TPU film, which ensures optimal fit. The proven breathable and light "SOFT SKIN" microfibre material is used in the inner area of the shoe. The breathable BLIZZARD SPEED offers ambitious table tennis players a high degree of flexibility and grip thanks to its design.

1 The ENERGY-CONVERTER absorbs the movement vibrations
2 Soft-Skin microfibre for a comfortable fit
3 Extra-strong TPU film for weight reduction and high flexibility
4 Two-component phylon for optimal flexibility in the front and heel area
5 Special sole construction for optimal dynamic and traction in fast movements
7 NovO2MAX Nylon microfibre fabric
8 Mid-sole made from breathable fabric

Blizzard Speed Tibhar

€75.50 Regular Price
€45.00Sale Price
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